Period drama: Track your PMT online

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Every new month brings much joy. We get potentially different weather, a pay packet, seasonal sales, and oh yes, that time of the month. You know, the one that people like to have a Mooncup for. It never really occurred to me to forget it; after all it’s kinda noticeable.However now I can sign up to a website which will monitor my monthly cycle as well as print me out lots of useful things like pink pie charts. Woo!

You can also use it to practise the rhythm method (yes the one which hasn’t been medically proven as a great form of contraception) and you can choose whether to make your profile private or share it. Ahh, social networking for the menses? Why not!

I’m sure many angst ridden frustrated women are just dying to share how much worse they feel than each other, and the cutesy pink background is sure to alleviate the stress of stomach ache and bloatedess.

If you really REALLY want to share you can fill in ‘observed external symptoms such as: periods, appearance and consistency of cervical fluid, and vaginal sensations,’ and leave that public so everyone can view it. Taking it too far is adding a link to it on your Facebook. Hey sharing is caring OK? There’s also a section where you can post a picture to go with your cycle info, to help people understand the ‘real you’ Bless.

Go 28 days [via MedGadget]

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By Zara Rabinowicz | September 30th, 2008

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  • Christine

    That’s not rhythm method that’s fertility awareness method / natural family planning. FAM and NFP use basal body temperature and cervical fluid (and other optional indicators such as ovulation predictor kits which detect for luteinizing hormone in the urine) to try to pinpoint ovulation — the important event between periods.

    Rhythm method — aka calender method — failed because it tracked periods but paid no attention to anything else. Standard days method — aka cycle beads — is also woefully inadequate because it works on standardized averages with no accounting for the fact that women are individuals dealing with individual cycles.

    I get that most people are comfortable with hormonal, barrier and spermicidal contraception but, you obviously have never done *any* kind of research on natural methods.

    I personally don’t use FAM for contraception but, reading Toni Weschler’s books (considered the bibles on FAM) have been a godsend since I can now predict my period to the exact day more than a week in advance — a godsend for someone whose periods are very irregular.

  • Kellie

    Hey, just an FYI that sympto-thermal charting and the rhythm method are two different things. Totally different methods. Sympto-thermal actually has been clinically proven to be 98% effective. Check Wiki, Planned Parenthood or Google. :)

  • herbalife ürünleri

    Sympto-thermal actually has been clinically proven to be 98% effective. Check Wiki, Planned Parenthood or Google