Campers ahoy! Introducing the Handspresso espresso maker

Susi Weaser Tech

I *so* almost filed this in naughty toys. And with a name like ‘Handspresso’? Double filing (also not a euphemism).

Anyway, wash your minds out. This is merely a coffee machine. But, this is a coffee machine you can use camping! Or in the event of a powercut! Or when out and about! Just because you’re away from civilisation, that’s no reason to go without an espresso, right?

The key to a good espresso is the pressure you force the water through the coffee, so this one makes you pump up the pressure to 16 bars using the hand pump, before you pour in hot water and it filters (hello, naughty toys).

At $155 you need to have a serious camping and caffeine addiction, but it does come with 25 of the special pads you’ll need for the filtering. And it promises to leave that little foam surface on your espresso, which has got to be worth a few bucks, right?

Get it here. [via Mighty Goods]

By Susi Weaser | September 3rd, 2008

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