All hail the pink mobile phone: Top ten pink handsets

Lucy Hedges Tech 3 Comments

Remember the days when pink phones were associated with the words ‘limited edition’ or ‘exclusive’. Now they’re just run-of-the-mill, they’re everywhere, in colours ranging from baby pink, to coral, to cerise, to crimson to aaarrrggghh! No longer are they deemed ‘special’. They’ve been de-ranked to the bog-standard world of mobile phoneage, to join the likes of silver and white outer shells. That doesn’t mean to say pink phones have lost their appeal in our hearts. We’re paying homage to the pink mobile phone (breast cancer associations and all) – may you continue to make girls giddy with your rosy exterior, spreading joy to the people who own you forever.


By Lucy Hedges | September 18th, 2008

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  • Miche02

    Yay!!! At last a blog showcasing my fave thing in the world!!!! Pink mobiles. Love the collection you have up here.

    But you guys dnt seem to have the new pink nokia 7610 supernova ???? It’s available on pre order from them…

    Look forward to seeing new updates on this blog!!

    • Susi Weaser

      Stay with us – there’ll be new pink mobile news as soon as it lands in our inbox. Now, i’m off to check out the supernova.

  • buh[