A plea to the Large Hadron Collider

Susi Weaser Tech 7 Comments

Dear LHC,

Please don’t kill us all. Please don’t create a black hole, when you get going on the whole ‘particles colliding at the speed of light’ thing.

Things I’ve yet to do yet include find out about the new Apple products, work out exactly how the semantic web works and get picked to appear on My Super Sweet Sixteenth.

Trust me, no one wants to know about the origins of the universe that badly (although apparently they *do* want to know £2.4bn much).

Much love,

All those at Shiny Towers

By Susi Weaser | September 9th, 2008

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  • Julia

    The female scientific community has been let down.

    Cmon, we’re on the eve of a physics experiment that has been in development for 20 years, and the best thing you can find to comment on is something to do with my super sweet sixteen?

  • Carl

    Well, at least the post apocalyptic gear is here:


  • Baby Park

    Hey Susi, it’s nice to see you acknowledge the hard work that’s going on over at CERN. Although you would rather the experiments did not happen, I’d just like to point out that an incredible amount of technology, especially the things you write about, usually stems from experiments similar to this where the benefit to the general consumer becomes apparent years down the line.

    But to put your mind at rest, any black holes created will be small and disappear quickly. Although the ‘expert’ who said that actually said they would evaporate which I though only liquids could do so maybe he’s not so expert and were all buggered. If you could do a “make your own black hole shelter for less than a tenner’ post in the next few days, would be much appreciated. Thanks x

  • Jimmy

    The world isn’t going to end, the Black Holes they say that will destroy the Earth are so unlikely to occur that you’re more likely to win the Lottery Jackpot 3 weeks in a row. Even if it does occur, they will be so small that it will consume itself as fast as it was created.

    Fact: Every day particles collide in our atmosphere at higher speeds than they will be in the LHC.

    Do you see anything happen when they collide? No! So if they collide at a lower speed, it most certainly won’t happen!

  • Tenth Speed Writer

    The only difference between collisions in the LHC and their interstellar counterparts, is that we have millions of dollars worth of sensors starting at these.

  • dude

    The very web on which you post this comes from the very same group of people, freaky scientists at CERN trying to communicate with each other more efficiently gave spawn to Tim Berners-Lee’s creation of http and html what you at sweet sixteen take for granted as ‘the web’ that was always there when in fact prior to 1990 you had to be a very elevated geek to do what we are doing now…