HTC's android handsets are coming soon

Lucy Hedges Tech

Android_HTC_Phones.jpgIt’s been confirmed by HTC’s chief financial officer himself that the long awaited android based handsets from HTC are on course to launch before the year is out. This is exciting news for HTC considering Google’s android handset has yet to be seen since being announced back in November 2007. HTC could very well be the first to bring this kind of handset to the table.

By the fourth quarter, the first android phones from HTC should be making their way to ODM clients. The question is, which ones? ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, which basically means HTC will be sending out blank handsets, waiting to be adorned with branding and logos of other companies.

A bit of lateral thinking puts T-Mobile as the front runner for this job, given its stamp on current HTC handsets. A similar statement made by T-Mobile suggesting android based handsets by the end of the year also points to T-Mobile as the prime candidate.

Watch this space.

[via Pocket Lint]

By Lucy Hedges | August 4th, 2008

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