Eee Gaming comes to the Eee PC thanks to the Eee Stick

Susi Weaser Tech

Huzzah! Another ASUS product to diversify their increasingly diverse product line (I’m not sure why I resent them launching things other than the original eeePC, but for some reason, I *really* do). This is the official launch of the Eee Stick, a motion based controller for PC games.

They say “it translates users´ physical hand motions into corresponding movements onscreen”. We say “Wii”. It’s going to bundled with the Eee PC as well as the Eee Box, which is a million miles away from what I thought you were actually supposed to use the Eee PC for.

It will however work with any PC, and it looks as if it’ll be bundled with some specially designed games. Regardless of what you use it with, it should work in a Plug ‘n’ Play friendly fashion.


By Susi Weaser | August 6th, 2008

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