The voice activated vibrator reacts to your groans

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Today you often find that being too vocal in bed is slightly frowned upon. Sure, we’re meant to be fully confident women who know what we want and ask for it, but often we’ll just try to encourage by umming and ahhing at certain moments. Well this has just been thrown on its head with the voice activated vibe, which works when you TELL IT WHAT TO DO.


Should you want it faster, harder, or to wave around more, it will cater to you at the first hint of a squeal. You can personalise the vibrator to use whatever voice commands you wish, be it ‘Give it to me big boy,’ or a more obscure reference such as, ‘Set the dinner table’. There are 9 functions to programme in total, and they consist of vibration, speeds, pulsations and waves.

The base is quite thick, no doubt to contain all the tech, but if you’re used to more slimline rabbits it may not be the one for you. I think it would be entertaining to set it to random sentences and leave it lying around to scare people (I think my flatmates would appreciate it vibrating every time they said, Fancy a beer?)

We’ll be getting it in soon, so I’ll let you know just how voice sensitive it actually is.

£79.95 from Onjoy

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By Zara Rabinowicz | July 31st, 2008

  • Tommy

    NICE! I wrote a post called the 5 most innovative sex toys check it out here:

  • Sammy

    Oh come on, it looks horrible, cheap and nasty. It will probably last 2 weeks before breaking and no doubt honks of horrid plastic.

  • Helena Laverty

    it was to wide for me

  • cheap vibrators

    Hmmmm, this could get embarassing… Can you imagine popping it into someones handbag as they go out the door without them realising… ;-)

  • Sexy Gifts

    Could be a great sex toy innovation. This could really allow you to concentrate on what you want and make it happen without the interruptions of fumbling with buttons.


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