The very Mario inspired mushroom mini cleaner

Lucy Hedges Tech


These cute little mushrooms look like they’ve come straight from the wonderful world of Super Mario. If you opt for the red one, you can actually get away with saying it’s the magic toadstool itself. The Mushroom Desk Mini Cleaner from Brando is designed to suck up those parts of your meal/snack/lunch that didn’t quite make it into your mouth and have found a home festering on your desk or inside your keyboard. It even removes lint from your clothes.

Unfortunately, there’s nothing magic about them and you won’t grow any taller upon contact, nor will it make any magic toadstool related sound effects. But, they retail for only $12.00 USD – a bargain for such a fun-loving Super Mario-esque cleaner.

[via Chip Chick]


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By Lucy Hedges | July 18th, 2008

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