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Wall-E_U_Command.JPGAm I the only one who thinks WALL-E looks like an updated, animated version of Jonny 5 from Short Circuit? Anyway, the film about robot-love will be making its way onto our cinema screens on 18th July. You know what that means… Wall-E products galore, not to mention having the loveable looking robot shoved in our faces for the next few months. Disney Consumer Toys has revealed the first of what will no doubt be a humongous range of robotic products, so here’s my top three.

1. U-Command WALL-E – £39.99
No animated movie toy range is complete without a remote control version of whatever’s being released. It was pretty obvious then, that there would be a R/C version of the soon-to-be robot star. You can program Wall-E with thousands of different movement combinations, just like Tomy’s i-Sobot. Show off his tricks too, which include 360° turns, a figure of eight, light-up eyes and best of all, his speech functionality.

iDance_Wall_E.JPG2. The iDance WALL-E – £19.99
Dancing in the only style robots know how – bio-robotic style – this dancing WALL-E will bust a move to any music device, whether it’s an iPod or an MP3 player. Just plug your device into the audio jack and your tunage will play through the speaker in his chest. He also features light-up eyes and special sound effects.

Interactive_eve.JPG3. Interactive EVE – £29.99
Ok, that’s enough of WALL-E now. Let’s spread the robot love to WALL-E’s love interest – EVE. EVE is fully poseable with motorized head and arm movements. As an additional exciting feature (namely for the kids), when coupled with Interactive WALL-E, they’ll interact with each other. This will give you the opportunity to recreate your favourite bits from the movie, or if you felt the storyline simply wasn’t good enough, you can act out your own robot scenarios.

All we know is the products will go on sale in early July to coincide with the release of the movie. No definite date I’m afraid, however, please note that all the prices given are estimated retail prices.

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By Lucy Hedges | July 8th, 2008

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