Put a stop to sun burnt arms/legs/face with your own exposure timer

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Not applying enough sun cream and getting burned, or applying layers of the stuff and still getting burned, are common occurrences amongst tan-hungry holiday goers. At the rate we’re going, it seems we’re *never* going to learn and say ‘stop’ when we know we’ve been exposed to too much sun. All of this could change however, if you’re willing to fork out a mere $14.95 USD for your very own Personal UV Monitor with Exposure Timer.

This clever little gadget will basically tell you when to get your over-exposed arse out of that sun. It monitors the current UV index and temperature, and then calculates your recommended exposure time based on UV, SPF and personal skin type. It even has a countdown timer. If you pay attention to its warnings, it sounds like there’s no room for error. Which means you should be able to leave the beach nicely tanned and relaxed, rather than in pain, practically on the verge of sunstroke.

Other features include a digital clock and a wrist strap for easy portability on the beach. Be a good geek on the beach with your own sun exposure monitor.

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By Lucy Hedges | July 22nd, 2008

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