Google street view car spotted in South East London

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A few weeks ago, Cate Sevilla asked when it was going to be London’s turn to get the ultimate big brother treatment with Google Street View. Well, on the stroll back to my house last Friday, I spotted a Google Street View car parked opposite my road of residence. I wasn’t seeing through beer goggles or anything, this really was the controversial car, parked near my house. It wasn’t hard to miss, with the Google logo slap-bang on the side and the oh-so-conspicuous Street View camera sitting on its roof – it would appear our time to be street viewed has come.

I wonder if it’s going to cause as much trouble as it has in the US. One woman flashed her knickers getting into her car just as the Google car went past, and is now suing their asses. Another unsuspecting victim is also suing because he was snapped leaving a sex shop – because that’s a great way to keep anyone from finding out you’re a bit of a perv who likes to visit sex shops!

Privacy activists have been all over Google like a bad rash, claiming it often shows people in their houses and is a huge invasion of privacy. I agree. Google has promised they will be blanking out people’s faces and blurring number plates though. But they’re not going to be blurring people’s houses are they? Which means Street View will be like some sort of burglar’s paradise, allowing them to pick and choose which houses look the least secure. Google is refusing to confirm the existence of any cars in London and wouldn’t comment on the product’s impending launch, but I can confirm Google Street View London is underway.


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By Lucy Hedges | July 21st, 2008

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  • Jonathon

    What a pile of p1sh this article is. Neither the woman with her knickers on show, nor the man entering the sex shop have sued Google. If you disagree, please provide the citation to the court papers (all publicly available) – or point us to a *real* news article in which this is evidenced. And while Google won’t blur your house (cause, let’s face it, what would be the point of it if they did…) they will remove the photos if you ask them to. Is it a burglar’s paradise? Only if you assume that burglars don’t already know where the rich people live, and are more willing to rely on 6 month old grainy photos from a website from, say, walking down the street themselves, which (if they’re burgling your house) they’re going to have to do anyway. What utter toss. And from the other articles I’ve read on this Google has openly admitted that they’re driving in the UK. So you don’t have much of an exclusive. Honestly – did you actually research this article, or are you typing this as you’re down the pub and passing on what the bloke behind the bar told you?

  • Hayley

    Its also been seen last week around Bristol city centre. I wonder which other cities they’re doing first.

  • rach

    I can agree about the one in Bristol city centre. I got snapped by it passing a starbucks!

  • Steve

    I saw the car around Victoria on the 30th of July.

  • Ro

    It was on Chancery Lane on October 9th.

  • Chris

    Never mind the Google car, we have beaten them to it! London Street Level Views now available. Check out the link!

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  • South London Plumber

    I got snapped in London, I sure hope they blur faces!