Shiny Gallery: The Top Ten Sex toys you could keep on your mantelpiece

It’s pretty normal to own a sex toy nowadays, us being liberated women and all that, but just because you’re OK with the relationship you have with your rabbit doesn’t mean everyone else is. If you don’t want your boyfriend/parents/boss (delete as applicable) to go screaming to the hills next time they’re round your flat, it may be time to invest in something that’s a little more discreet. Welcome to the world of strange looking sex toys, and here are our top ten that you could leave lying around, with no chance of discovery.

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Zara Rabinowicz

  • Backroom Boutique

    Ooh yeah… we are the pros in the biz and it makes even me wanna say ouch!

  • Fun toy and you can check out more in my store.

  • Some strange items shown here!

  • imran

    i have a sex machine which needs your attention contact me @[email protected]

  • urban

    Just an FYI, we have toy cleaners at our site if interested.

  • maybe i'm amazed

    no body cleans their toys clean enough for a baby or co=work to touch

    Take it out before you go to work then!

  • Louise

    hello this looks really good where can i get one?

  • i am amazed

    I can not beileve the new low we’ve all come to! Has no one in the manufactoring of these new sex toys thought, if I leave this thing lying about and my 1 year old happens to put it in their mouth, would I be disgusted or fell ashamed? Think about the germ cross over from leaving such an item lying about. We all know that no body cleans their toys clean enough for a baby or co=work to touch. And why would anyone want to keep there sex toy out where anyone and everyone can see it. And that’s something else. . . If anyone can see it than anyone can touch it and I don’t want anyone touching my sex toys (gross).

  • Just Some Guy

    My wife had this. About the worst vibrator in the world. Her words, not mine.

  • Kim

    i really like these toys, how creative