The Futuristic bike from Aeris

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Aeris_urban_cycle.jpgThe future of the bicycle looks rather interesting doesn’t it? Despite looking a little reminiscent of something from a sci-fi movie – especially in combination with the intergalactic background – , the Aeris Urban Cycle is actually a real bike.

There are many cyclists who are completely oblivious to the heaps of cars around them and often forget to physically indicate to other drivers what they’re doing. This can often result in a hideous accident or a rather abusive driver. Cyclist safety is clearly emphasised with the Urban Cycle, as it’s got indicators built-in the handle bars to help prevent cars cutting you off and the horrible aforementioned car/bike collisions. The bike itself is made from Hybrix, a material that’s supposedly so tough, it’s comparable to stainless steel but lighter than aluminium.

Now all they need to do is create an equally resistant bicycle suit and you’ll be practically accident proof.

It will be hitting the shelves in the fall for $5,000 in the US.

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By Lucy Hedges | July 2nd, 2008

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  • khooper

    This looks great. Its like I will be having fun using this. No worries for sure. This will be more effective than any vehicle.

  • discount auto parts

    wow this bike looks awesome. i am just willing to jump over it for a ride :)