This is what happens when Gameboys and platforms collide

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Nintendo_shoes.jpgSome things should NEVER be allowed to merge together. In this instance, it’s Gameboys and ridiculously clumpy, ugly and cheap-looking shoes. OMG where do I start with this eyesore, this monstrosity, this absolutely hideous piece of, dare I say it, fashion.

Apparently these awful *awful* boots are highly popular with teenagers all over, yep you guessed – Japan. Only in Japan would you get knobbly-kneed girls (perhaps dressed like school girls) struggling to walk in a pair of shoes such as these. Shockingly, the Gameboys are playable. So you can pop the embedded game out of your shoe and play whenever you damn well feel like it. They could have at least upgraded the gaming device to a DS – good god.

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I’m quite curious about the pikachu figure though. What does it do? Is it there for decoration or can you pull it out and play with that as well as your Gameboy?

This line of platform shoes is living proof that some people just shouldn’t be allowed to use their imaginations or their hands, or be allowed outside for that matter.

Syberpunk [via Boing Boing Gadgets]

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By Lucy Hedges | June 3rd, 2008

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