The We-Vibe Vibrator: To be used internally during sex

Zara Rabinowicz Tech 17 Comments


Vibrators. Couples. It doesn’t really tend to go now does it? Sometimes you get a mixture of the two when you’re adding some spice to your love life, but more often than not you’ll be enjoying both separately. Well not anymore! The We-Vibe can only be used with two people present as it’s a vibrator that you place internally before sex. Yes, you read that right. Hmmm.

The We-Vibe is a wireless G-spot simulator that is created from silicone and can deliver 2 hours of action from one charge. It’s also waterproof is you’re in the mind for some shower fun. But how does it work exactly, and where *blush* do you put it?

Well the vibe is equipped with dual motors for sensory fun and as for usage, well here’s what they say about it.

“The We-Vibe fits women anatomically and is so slender and conforming that a penis or dildo can easily fit into the vagina along with the We-Vibe”.


So you fit it inside and it will conform to your contours and his while you do the deed. Sounds like a lot of effort to go to just to make him feel inadequate, but whatever floats your boat.

£74.99 from Love Honey

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By Zara Rabinowicz | June 12th, 2008

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  • Christina F

    Never mind where you put, more importantly how do you get it out!

  • Neal M.

    This is our most popular item in the store and sure to be provide you the best sexual experience you’ve ever had. Available at

  • Ruth

    It’s great eh Neal – is the exclusive UK supplier for the We-Vibe and it has been flying off the shelves (not literally of course – that might cause an injury or two!).

    You can get your hands on the We-Vibe at LoveHoney with free postage thrown in too.


  • Rammi

    Hi, my name is Rammi and I’m not a supplier who spams your comments. :-)
    The Barney purpleness of it seriously puts me off.

  • Sally has the best price for the We-Vibe in the US. free shipping and everything!

  • Steve

    Hey Zara, you say this is just for couples – wrong! It’s great for couples, yes, but it’s also a fully featured vibe for solo use by women too…it’s a great alternative to something like a Rock Chick…

  • Grumble Fish

    Erm, you really ought to try this out before making fun of it. I thought this site actually reviewed stuff.

    • Susi Weaser

      We’ll leave the actual reviewing of vibrators to other, more experienced, sites I think!

  • We-Vibe

    Why didn’t someone come up with the idea of a vibrator that can be used during sex before this? Seems like a great idea.

  • PinkCherry

    Great product. Got mine for just $88.88 including free UPS discreet shipping at It is so hot make sure they have it in stock.

  • Rio

    The We-Vibe must be good or it wouldn’t be flying off the shelves. The We-Vibe is the new “Rabbit”

  • missyk

    We-Vibe is incredible to say the least and a “must-have toy” for women and couples! Best CANADIAN price online is at Price listed is in CAD$ includes tax, free shipping and lube. Always In-Stock Guarantee!

  • Jane

    at has everything you looking for

  • Jane

    at has everything you looking for

  • dude

    I just got ours at 88 bucks for the 2nd generation. All I can say is wow, do not knock it till you try it.

  • We Vibe Lover

    The We Vibe 2 is an amazing sex toy, I got one for my wife and I and we cant imagine sex without it. This is a must have sex toy for couples. Here is a great article and video review.

  • Dan

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