Smoke like trooper (legally) with the MiNi E-Cigarette

Zara Rabinowicz Tech

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It seems June is the season to launch e-cigarettes, as it’s coming up to the anniversary of the smoking ban. Another contender is stepping up to join the likes of the Super Smoker and the Gamucci, and this version is called the MiNi.

It provides a legal way to smoke indoors, as it contains no tar or carcinogens, and doesn’t burn. When you inhale on it, the end glows a ‘realistic’ red and you even exhale smoke. The smoke in question is really steam, which is perfectly harmless, and created by the cigarettes vaporising action.


You refill the cigarette with cartridges, and you can choose from mint, fruit or nicotine depending on your preference. A cartridge is equivalent to approx 30-40 cigarettes, so it’s great value for money. I like how the MiNi is cheaper than the other market options as well, but I have to wonder at this trend in fake cigarettes.

The other week I was photographed smoking one in a club amidst whispers and strange looks, when a year ago it would have been normal. Will e-cigs really replace the real thing, and should we even want them to?

£28.95 from Paramount Zone

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By Zara Rabinowicz | June 18th, 2008

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