Krug Champagne trunk with video player and Bluetooth for very high flyers

Lucy Hedges Tech

Krug_trunk.jpgThose legendary winemakers, the house of Krug have collaborated with trunk-maker Pinel and Pinel to create a limited edition Krug Escape Artist champagne trunk.

This isn’t just any old trunk filled with booze, it’s a trunk complete with Samsung T9 MP3 video player with Bluetooth and JBL ‘On Tour Plus’ sound system as well. Who’d have thought a trunk could be so sumptuously luxurious? Covered in silver lambskin with pink lambskin lining, the features of the trunk ensure that it’s only affordable to people with a very disposable income.

To add a nice touch to this chunky trunk, it of course comes with two bottle of Krug Rosé. You’ll have to provide the drinks once those have run out though. For €15,000, I’d expect there to be a bit more drink than two bottles (they’d be gone in no time).

The trunk weighs 17kgs with all the contents and is available from Singapore Changi and Hong Kong International airports only.

[via Born Rich]


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By Lucy Hedges | June 6th, 2008

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