Ego Electric Scoota beats every cash drain going

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There’s not a country in the world where people aren’t currently freaking the hell out about petrol prices. And the environment. And congestion. Actually, that last one might just be London, but by god it’s a bitch. So, it’s with perfect timing that Firebox launches the Ego Electric Scooter, which means you don’t have to pay for petrol, road tax or the congestion charge. You’ll get 40 miles of travelling per 8 hour charge, although with a top speed of 30 miles, it’s more suited to a city than zooming about the countryside.

Compared to other models on the road, it’s not even that expensive – £1,000 seems a reasonable price for being able to dump the car/bus pass/tube journey. If you passed your test prior to February 2001 you don’t even need any training, although if it’s after, or you don’t have a driving licence, you’ll need to complete a CBT course.

Get yours here.

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By Susi Weaser | June 19th, 2008

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  • Dee Dhara

    Wow! £1000, what a bargain! Definately thinking about getting one of these! Travelling around London is such a drag, most certainly puts me off even going out sometimes. Can’t wait to start buzzing around on one of these. Not only that but environmetaally friendy too! Where the hell have they been all these years! Hmm??

  • Barakat

    i’d love to know if i can ride it without numberplates (like a bicycle so that i wouldn’t have to pay for marking tickits, insurance, and other goverment imposed taxes n’ expense

  • Duff

    I have one of these Ego Street Scooters and I can safely say that they are excellent – I have loads more info on my Ego blog.

    Happy to answer any questions anyone has about it


  • sally

    Seriously you should check out UK Eco Scooters ( They’ve dropped their price by £200……its the same spec of scooter just a different name etc they have loads more choices of colours available too, wicked i’m gonna get one for my birthday :o) total bargain

  • jim ordered one yesterday got delivered today….its the best thing i’ve ever bought came with all the forms i needed (already filled in – except for my details in case it was a gift! good idea!)have posted the forms tonight so will be fully registered in a few days then i’m off scootering my way to work!