The cure to rained off bar-b-ques – the smoke gun

Susi Weaser Tech

smoking gun.jpg
I won’t start on a rant about the weather forecast for this weekend. Suffice to say, rained off bar-b-ques are likely to be featuring in my weekend. Clearly it’s not the same, but perhaps this smoke gun will go some way to sooth my rage against The Weather Gun.

This magical gun can be loaded up with wood chips, and then you finish off all sorts of culinary delights with a smoky flourish. You can buy the wood chips in flavours like hickory, mesquite and even grapefruit, or add your own ingredients – let your inner Gordan Ramsey go to town.

$49.99 from New Culinary Technology

More kitchen gadgets? Go on then Nigella, it’s over here.

By Susi Weaser | May 23rd, 2008

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