Like to eat at your desk? You'll think again after reading this

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We’re all aware of the myriad of dangerous computer viruses out there. Now it’s being brought to our attention that there are other kinds of viruses, scary viruses, that could potentially be hazardous to our health rather than our computers.

You wouldn’t usually associate your keyboard with bugs would you? But according to a Microbiologist study, food deposits and poor personal hygiene (like not washing your hands after going to the toilet – eww) encourage the growth of millions of bacteria, which can fester and make you really really ill.

Apparently if you don’t clean your computer, “you might as well be eating your lunch off the toilet” (nice). This statement came from the guys who swabbed 33 keyboards, a toilet seat and a toilet door handle at Which? publication’s offices in London (won’t be shaking their hands then). They found some of the terminals were so unbelievably filthy, it was enough to make users ill.

I don’t know about you but I’ve been slightly put off. When I’m eating I don’t expect a side of E. coli with my burger. It’s now made me wonder what’s lurking about in my keyboard???

[via Metro]

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By Lucy Hedges | May 1st, 2008

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