Fizz cup – gadgety in a 1950s kind of way

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icecream soda.jpg
OK, this shit is weird – totally fulfilling a niche I was unaware existed up until today. According to Firebox, ice cream sodas are a big part of summer (just think, I’ve only had half a summer every year, totally unaware of what I was missing out on). But the logistics of mixing ice cream and fizzy drinks on the move can be a bit of a mission. Well, no longer!

Now, you can fix this contraption to the top of your bottle, load it with ice cream, squirt up the drink and hey presto, bob’s your mother’s brother – an ice cream soda.

As I said, weird.

icecream soda man.jpg
In return for this, you get to look like the man in the picture. Fetching, no?

You can get yours from Firebox for £6.95.

By Susi Weaser | May 16th, 2008

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