Electronic cigarettes: Still not good for you but puts two fingers up to the smoking ban

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Smoker_smoker_Gamucci.jpgRemember the good ole’ days when you could just pull out a fag and smoke where-ever you damn well pleased? God I *really* miss those days (can you tell I’m a smoker)!! If you haven’t heard about them already, there are two smoking devices currently out, that not only allow you to smoke indoors, but won’t kill you as quickly coz they only have ten per cent nicotine in them and no tobacco. I’m talking about the Super Smoker and the Gamucci electronic cigarettes.

They look like ciggarettes, they even smoke like one and light up at the end when you take a drag. But they’re not actually cigarettes. So you’re essentially smoking without actually smoking (in the traditional sense). See over the jump to find out more.

Both electronic cigarettes are basically the same with only a few minor differences. For example, they both use the same mechanism to operate. The smoke coming out of the e-cigarettes is just vapour created by micro-electronic technology and they’re both rechargable.

The Super SuperSchmoker (that’s how the Super Smoker rep pronounced it) is available in various concentrations of nicotine, and even a zero nictone version (I guess for people who want to give up or look cool?). The Gamucci is available with five high-strength, tobacco flavoured cartridges. The cartridge is the bit you change when you’ve puffed the equivalent of 20 fags (Gammucci) or six hours (Super Smoker).

Contrary to what a lot of people have said they don’t taste like cigarettes. However when you’re cooped up indoors or don’t want to be unsociable and smoke outside, they’ll definitely do the trick. I’m just a bit concerned about public awareness. *A lot* of non-smokers will be completely oblivious to this break-through in smoking, so I can predict getting a lot of hassle for puffing away inside a public building. That’s partly why I haven’t smoked mine anywhere else apart from my desk and my house. I can’t be arsed with the confrontation!

If you want to see it in action, check out Zara sampling the Super Smoker for herself. It really is *must-see* TV.

Get the Gamucci here for £49.95

Get the Super Smoker here for £79

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By Lucy Hedges | May 26th, 2008

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