Want an cheap 8GB iPhone? Ha! Too late

iphone white background.gifWere you mulling over taking Carphone Warehouse and O2 up their offer of the 8GB iPhone for £169? Well, the early bird catches the worm, cheaters never prosper and a rolling stone gathers no moss, it would appear.

Carphone Warehouse are all out, and you’re no longer able to order them online from O2. If you fancy trawling the high street, there are a few left there apparently. What’s your alternative? Well, Apple still have heaps of 8GB versions left. I suspect that’s because they’re hawking them for £269 a throw…

Get yours whilst stocks last here.

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Susi Weaser

Susi WeaserWant an cheap 8GB iPhone? Ha! Too late
  • Faisal Mahmood

    I am looking to buy an 8gb iphone for the best price.

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    Unfortunately it’s very true – very hard to find them anywhere at the moment. You could try getting one from http://www.cheap-iphone-deals.co.uk who have been supplying the free ones for the past month still.

    Think its through Apple they have been doing it.