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Travelling can be a stressful experience at the best of times. It doesn’t matter if you’re flying to Barbados, you still have to get through security, put your toiletries into irritating 100ml plastic bags and sit for ages in the departure lounge as your flight gets delayed again and again. You think it’s over at the other side? Maybe for some, but not if you’re one of the 37 MILLION people who have their luggage lost ever year (helllooo Terminal 5).

All the baggage handlers have to identify your bag is that silly little sticker they put on it, which can easily fall off/tear/disintegrate. And whilst your stuff is really valuable to you, who else would cherish those comfy but cracked heels in size 7? The Trace Me luggage tag is a durable plastic card with a serial number printed on it. There is a bar code which links to your personal details on a secure website, so you don’t need to compromise your security by writing your name on your bags.

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Trace Me Luggage Tracker

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By Zara Rabinowicz | April 24th, 2008

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