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Skullcandy joins forces with La Vie en Rose to produce some pretty pink headphones

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Skullcandy, the connoisseurs of rather fabulous headphones with a unique twist (think fur, glitter and embroidery) have now released some more of their headphones in PINK! Two shades of pink to be precise, fuchsia and magenta. They've joined forces with the designers from La Vie en Rose to bring you a selection of their much loved designs in all shades of the pink rainbow. You can see here the Full Metal Jacket headphones in hot pink, which will retail for £44.99, and the rest of the range has also undergone a makeover. The Lowrider headphones have been prettified in pink, and the Ti range has been given a neon pink makeover! Pink, pink P-I-N-K, pinkkkkkkkkkkkkk! That's all folks.

Check them out at Skullcandy

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  • Baby Girl

    I have a silver pair of FMJ and I love them. They are by far the best headphones I have ever owned.

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