Facebook Scrabble spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e for Scrabulous

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I bet there are people out there who believe that the popular Facebook application Scrabulous is in some way related to the popular board game Scrabble. It’s quite an easy mistake to make if you don’t have the application permanently fixed on your Facebook page – Scrabble, Scrabulous – they pretty much sound like they come from the same family. If the above applies to you let me be the first to tell you that they are in no way related. Scrabulous is in fact an imposter, an imitator and Mattel have been getting a bit hacked off with the whole thing.

So what do they do? Create a rival, make it look a bit better and hope for the best – or in their case hope for the mighty fall of the popular online application. After failing to covertly get the popular application removed from Facebook, those gaming giants at Mattel have decided to create some competition.

Mattel’s version brings us back on to familiar territory by replicating the board game version and introducing different features such as 4-player game mode. The only downside is that if someone pulls out then all three remaining players are forced to quit too – not good if you were on the path to becoming champion. Both are quite similar in gameplay so it would appear the popularity of the two games will be down to personal preference of the features offered.

Scrabble is currently in beta testing and there are a few ownership rights issues going on at the mo but I personally think Mattel are a bit too late. Scrabulous has already found its way on to the pages of thousands if not millions of Scrabulite’s pages, including mine, and it’s so popular it’s in the top ten applications on Facebook. Good luck Scrabble – there can only be one winner in the war of words.

[via Tech Digest]

By Lucy Hedges | April 11th, 2008

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