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emma bamford.jpgTo me KickTrak sounds like a fun way of measuring foetal health, but not being preggers it’s difficult to tell. Luckily, I know someone who is in this state, so I can hand over to her.

The lovely (and five months pregnant) Emma, owner of the beautiful Vintage Style boutique, measured her kicks, for the benefit of you. Nothing like putting the pregnant to work…

What is KickTrak?

A handheld device to use from 24 weeks of pregnancy to record your baby’s movements. It also tracks the progress of your pregnancy in days and weeks and counts down the last 99 days ’til your due date.

How does it work?

It’s really straightforward to use as you just have to set aside some time when your baby is most active and press the button each time you feel a foetal movement. It plays a little tune when your baby has made 10 movements and then records the amount of time it took.

It keeps a record of the last 10 kick counting sessions so you can instantly see if there has been an increase or decrease in your baby’s activity.

Was it useful?

I really enjoy using it as it forces me to take some time out and pay attention to my baby’s movements. It is recommended that you monitor your baby’s activity in the last trimester of pregnancy as a decrease in movement can sometimes be a warning sign of something going wrong. This device gives you a chance to alert your midwife or doctor to any changes. It’s a much nicer way of keeping a record rather than using a pen and paper (which doesn’t play a nice little tune at the end of each session).

What could be improved?

The only downsides to the KickTrak is that it suggests you do your kick counting at the same time every day and my baby seems to have different patterns of sleeping and waking every day. Also, even though it’s important to keep an eye on decreases in your baby’s movements it has been advised that such meticulous counting can make you a bit neurotic and worry unduly. Oh, and also despite the fact that it is designed to be small and portable it is a little bit shaped like a sex toy which has meant that I’ve received some funny comments when people see it lying around my living room!

By Susi Weaser | April 2nd, 2008

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