Naked Miley Cyrus causes Vanity Fair website outage

Susi Weaser Tech 33 Comments

miley cyrus vanity fair.jpg
Wow. Such is the power of perves, it would seem. Cyrusgate has caused the top fashion magazine Vanity Fair to shut their website, due to the overwhelming traffic. The shots, by top fashion photographer Annie Liebovitz, featured the Hannah Montana starette wrapped in a blanket. Naked. And 15.

Presumably, these ones were a little more ‘high fashion’ than the naked photos leaked online a few weeks ago…

A Vanity Fair representative said “Miley’s parents and/or minders were on the set all day. Since the photo was taken digitally, they saw it on the shoot and everyone thought it was a beautiful and natural portrait of Miley.”

I have no idea what that means. It was taken digitally? Like almost all photos? Do they mean that someone at the shoot saw it on a computer screen and didn’t think it was that bad? Oh, that’s ok then…

[via Digitial Spy]

By Susi Weaser | April 29th, 2008

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  • MeL

    well Miley shouldnt be showing her body off to n e one. especially hrer father. i love mile like a sister shes my biggest fan ever. miley just dont be taken no more nude pics. how does ur fans feel>?? they dont like it i am a HUGe fan of you miley/hannah montana. im 17 and wouldnt belive doing that. you would make a wonderful modle though

  • Darlon Tango

    OMG, Miley, don’t you know this is AMERICA, and you’re not ALLOWED to be nude? EVER?? My gawd, once the fans are aware you actually are a girl and have a body, what’s next? You might as well just write ‘slut’ across your FOREHEAD, girl! It’s the Britney File for you, for sure!!

    (the previous comments are intended as satire, and should not be taken literally by Miley’s more pinheaded fans or by the media….)

  • http://Female Alanya

    Hi Hannah Hay Montana Hay how are you I love your song they brighting my day and I want to be the next young girl to get the next award…My name is Alanya Peaks

  • Rammi

    Am I one of the only people who couldn’t care less?

  • DelanyDecolleur

    She wasn’t actually nude in any of the pics..Could that sheet be any bigger? I don’t think it was so awful, but she is only 15 and I think she could save these types of poses for when she turns 18. Miley you are really beautiful just hold on till you are legal age. Vanity Fair had to shut down their website? Unbelievable..

  • Meh

    She’s not even nude in the pictures.
    & Even if she does have a sheet over her, and you think it looks provacative, that’s because you choose to see it that way.
    She is not showing off any part of her body, except her back.
    She is not naked.
    There is nothing illegal in that picture.
    So stop saying that it’s some kind of porn or something.

  • nekoreimu

    I just think it’s sad that, when there’s a hint of sexuality, there’s this huge outcry about decency, but when there’s physical violence being portrayed, unless it’s really excessive, no one says a peep.

    I think we have our priorities backwards, personally.

  • yj

    americans are soo stupid.. you call this crap news?
    who gives a shit?

  • allie

    miley, i used you be a big fan but now i don’t no what to think. right now i thing you are taking this fame thing a little over the edge and you need to be more responsibile about your body. you used to be my favorite singer but i have a new one now. i think you need to get your ack togerther and think about what you are doing before you do it.

  • http://abbida1nonly abbigal

    this pc is stupid why would u take a pic like this with uyour dad ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    she needs to stop taking graphic pics like the one for vanity fair. also the ones from the sleepover ect..I’m throwing evry thing of mine thats hannah montana/miley cyrus away.And i was a big fan mom thinks shes not a good influence

  • niqolas

    miley, u had so many fans but u just had ta strip butt naked have and a picture of u with a boy squezing ur boobs weres the girl

  • Paige

    she is a slut and it’s aganist the law for a person under the age of 18 to pose nude. and that father daughter pic does not look like father and daughter it looks like boyfriend girlfriend. and parent and children should never look like that. she needs to get her act together if she doesn’t she will end up like Paris or Brittney or Lindsny. she can do anything she wants have anything she wants. she has a lot of power right now and she’s starting to take advantage of it.

  • Jim

    Wow, this is just insane…

    More pics here

  • Aaleyah

    WHATS THE BIG DEAL? Its Her Body! Her Life!
    If Her Parents Were Ok With It And Miley Was Ok With It Why Is Every Body So Outraged By It?

    Ill Tell You Why. Because shes famous ! if it was another15 year old nobody knew you’d all be like ” hoo haa a half naked 15 year old. but its still artistic ” but because itls Miley your all like ” OMG WHAT IS SHE DOING ! IM NO LONGERR A FAN ! THATS AN OUTRAGED !” People relax its just ART!

  • mature

    Is this important? Gas prices are way up, children are starving in China, wait, make that here in America, food budgets are strained, people are losing their jobs and homes……and we’re talking about a photo shoot?! Get real!


    I’d like to fuck that Hannah Montana in the ass while Miley Cyrus plays with my nut sack


    man…I’ve jerked off to those pictures of that Miley Cyrus about 4 times now. I’d like to drop a load in her face and eat her tight hairless pussy…I bet it tastes like a peach


    Is it wrong that I’d like to fuck that Hannah Montana in her tight ass and cum on her little mosquito bit titty’s while daddy Cyrus watches me ravage his daughter? Actually, I’d like to fuck Miley and her mommy at the same time while ol’ mullet head watches me pound the shit out of his daughter’s tight little pussy while I give his wife a Roman helmet

  • shaqueena

    omg u guy be seriouse it waz vanity fair a vanity magazine it waz abotu art the way the picture looked not if she waz naked or not it waznt like shwaz all nakes be seriouse shez only 15. god u guys r acting az if its a crime nd what child do u know that reads vanity fair and if they are they are very mature and there fore can see the picture without going eww or acting childish so all of you bagers can get that dick out of ur mouth and get real

  • Whatever

    Ha, like this all matters. People think it’s an outrage, cuz she is 15 years old, and is a role model for young girls, little girls. However, this is something I would expect coming from a Disney channel star. Mainly because Disney is just like that. When you’re a disney channel star, you either end up successful, and out of this drama stuff. Like that kid from Transformers, Disturbia, I-robot, etc. Or! You become a drama junkie for the press, and what not. Lindsey Lohan… O_o

  • OMG

    Welcome to Earth where child marriage, poverty, politics, nuclear war and of course pornography is ignored and called “life”

    But a celebrity’s “public panties’ washing” is called a sin. So she showed her back to us?

    SO MUCH OF SKIN…… Somehow the outfits that she wears on her show are called ok and family watch worthy but her photo shoot vulgar? o_O

    Of course we would not mind Miley kissing onscreen because she is in “love” or her posing on her dad’s lap but she is definitely not allowed to show her back XD

    Maybe we should start making our celebrities wear hijab (Garments worn to keep Muslim women covered except for their eyes)

    Hypocrisy is one thing that humans are good at.. If Miley said that she hated sex, she would be a prude or a liar. If she admits to liking sex she would be called a whore or lacked moral..

    As for the record, I do not watch these stupid shows and celebrities but our papers are filled with only this garbage that it is hard to ignore the idiosyncrasy.

    I’d rather watch good old NatGeo or Discovery but this shit is pure shit…

    I don’t care a damn if Miley loves cock or loves Jesus Christ.. She is not doing anything to make people’s lives any better.

    She is happy making the money,getting the attention she wants and splurging.. Why bother about her when you have millions others who truly deserve love…

    Learn to live your own life instead of leeching onto some one else…

  • Wendie Gregory

    Whoever the sick perves are who think that picture of Miley and her father is racy or pornographic or whatever eles they are calling it are truely sick in the head. It is a beautiful picture that shows the love between father and daughter. People honestly need to get their heads out of the gutter. Everyone is so quick to jump to the wrong conclusion. Give the poor girl a break. She is a teen. Honestly. Its almost like we want to creat starlettes with problems. LEAVE the poor girl alone to live her own life.

  • http://raynebo1114 Heather

    for one she was not naked
    she had a tube top in and jeans
    for two they might kick her off of
    disney channel
    and for three this picture
    is bad veryyy.
    even though its her dad they could make it
    look like a different boy
    so unless yall know the real story dont bother
    to tell rumors.
    kk plus she is in an illgle age so its her
    parents fault for letting her do that
    yo uhave to be 18 and she is 15
    so thank you and goodbye

  • #1 MILEY FAN!

    k!!! god guys hav u ever heard of peer pressure!!! she was pressured into doing this n dnt u think tat would be a reli hard decision for a star to make!!! she probably thought they were going to do something to her if she didn’t do it. her dad wasn’t even there he had left. he didn’t even kno bout the pics until it was printed in the magazine! its not her fault. haven’t u been thru peer pressur???!!! n some of the pics on the enternet aren’t even her. they may look lik her but there are not. computers can do lots of things to make a person look different. evry1 makes mistakes n she even appoligized for all of the drama. i feel wat she is goin thru. but i am not one of those fans tat is goin to give up on likin her jus cuz she made an innocent mistake! so get over it k!!!! dnt be such beotches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LUV U MILEY!!!!!!!!!! I AM UR #1 FAN!!!!!!!!!

  • Vera

    from the looks of this picture i would think something is going on between Billy and Miley and its not just fatherly love

  • Virginia

    this was a big mistake miley i mean there are so many people that looked up to you and me but u messed up big time and now people love selena gomez maybe if u don’t almost french kiss girls, hold ur shirt and wear underwear in a pic, show your braw and all that other crap im only twelve and even i know that ur going into the britney files soon enless u get ur self out now plus u can get some older fans back cause u really only have the people that don’t know about the pics plus srry to say but the was realllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!!! SSLLUUTTYY of u!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Undefined

    i don’t hav 2 say nething just read Allie’s comment up there it says everything

  • http://nothing aaliyah

    i feel sorry for u miley don’t worry iam on ur side im 11 years old im ur biggest fan ever nobody else i really wanna meat u who cares what anybody says tell them to piss off okay

    love aaliyah xoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxooooooooooooooooo

  • Catie

    Wow Miley I can’t believe you, I used to be your #1 fan but you’ve really disappointed me. You’re only 15! How dare you take pictures with a sheet?! How could you do this? haha NOTTT. This is effing retarded. Who cares if she took pictures naked. You can’t see anything, and even if you could, it’s what she wanted to do. And her parents allowed it. Seriously, nobody had anything better to do than talk about thiss? Lame

  • Alice

    Picture showing skin, with sheet? Cute, a little sexy, but OK for a 15 yr old, IMO;
    Picture with Dad? :shudder: Too Creepy!

  • http://dgerergerger Anna

    I love her naked i wish she’d take more like that she looks beautiful she is beautiful I LOVE YOU miley

  • Anonymous

    just i said that maybe miley make a hutche mistakes but a lot of fans …!!

  • Accessories

    I hope i will like them one day.