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Lindsay Lohan punk'd into attending LG's TV launch

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This is probably the best possible launch of something as non-eventful as a new LCD TV line, that I have ever, ever heard. Rather than droning on about contrast ratio and response times, LG started a teaser campaign, putting up billboards and creating adverts describing Scarlet as "a new TV series from director David Nutter, director of The Sopranos, Smallville and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles".

But all was not as it seemed.

When 500 people turned up to the invite-only launch of this new series in Hollywood, they were surprised/dismayed/livid to find out they'd actually arrived at the launch of Scarlet, a new line of LCD TVs from LG. Among those in attendance? Lindsay Lohan, Spencer and Heidi from The Hills and Travis Barker. Something tells me they all might have turned up even knowing the truth.

The TVs themselves were actually unveilled at CES this year, and they reckon they're the thinnest LCDs on the market, at 45mm. If only La Lohan had read this site, she might have been forewarned.

[via Mavrix Online]

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  • Natalie

    Celebs are usually paid to do these kinds of appearances so she probably knew.

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