Glowing flower pot for the trippy garden owner

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glowing flower pot.jpg
So you’re eating your cereal out of your glowing bowl, you’ve got your glowing fur jacket on and you’re soul is all a-glow. What would finish this little scenario off nicely? Why, a glowing plant pot, of course!

It’s powered by four AA batteries, and will automatically cycle through a red/green/blue colour change. But here’s the technical bit. Pressing a button on the bottom will stop it at the colour it’s currently on. I know, right! My head almost exploded too!

I assume the kind of garden that would benefit from this product would also hold such wonders as statuesque plastic flamingos and perhaps an abundance of gnomes. And I completely *heart* those gardens, with absolutely no trace of irony.

Get it here for $10

By Susi Weaser | April 10th, 2008

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