Glowing flower pot for the trippy garden owner

glowing flower pot.jpg
So you’re eating your cereal out of your glowing bowl, you’ve got your glowing fur jacket on and you’re soul is all a-glow. What would finish this little scenario off nicely? Why, a glowing plant pot, of course!

It’s powered by four AA batteries, and will automatically cycle through a red/green/blue colour change. But here’s the technical bit. Pressing a button on the bottom will stop it at the colour it’s currently on. I know, right! My head almost exploded too!

I assume the kind of garden that would benefit from this product would also hold such wonders as statuesque plastic flamingos and perhaps an abundance of gnomes. And I completely *heart* those gardens, with absolutely no trace of irony.

Get it here for $10

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Susi Weaser

Susi WeaserGlowing flower pot for the trippy garden owner