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blu jacket.jpg

The woman posing in this ultra-modern jacket is not on her way to a fancy dress party going as some kind of human tube map or someone from Bladerunner (which is what I initially thought). She is in fact modelling a jacket made by Lunar Design.

The concept of this design is to transform your upper body into a portable anthropomorphic digital display. This essentially means you'll shell out a load of money (it won't be cheap) for a breakthrough in digital technology, only for it to be enjoyed by others or give you serious neck ache.

3600 slide.jpg

The Nokia 3600 slide "aims to win hearts with a blend of tasteful colors, materials and tactile finishes, and minds with a full range of the latest features". 'What does this mean', you ask? Why, it means "soft ceramic paint and metal combined with high gloss surfaces and gradated colors". And what's the result? My dear friend, the result is that "the Nokia 3600 slide [is] beautiful to both touch and see".

One of Nokia's more flowery press releases, then...

Shiny Review: LG Secret


There was much excitement last week, as LG unveiled the latest Black Label phone, the Secret. Two shakes of a dog's tail and I had one in my hand, another shake, and I'd done a video review especially for your viewing pleasure.

It's due to land with us in May. In the meantime, check out LG's site here.

You can take a look at more video fun here.

nokia fold and slide.jpg
Nokia has announced two more basic handsets, which they reckon combine minimalist good looks with non-shabby features.

The 6600 Fold is a 3G clamshell phone. There's ergonomic hinging, and it opens with one touch of a button, as opposed to the labour intensive finger flick you might have previously been subjected to. There's a hidden outer display, which you 'double tap' to awaken. The same gesture can be used to snooze alarms and reject incoming calls.

wii.jpgIt has been revealed that Wii are planning to feature an all-new physical interface on future versions of Guitar Hero and a variety of other titles such as Star Wars (complete with lightsaber) and fishing games. So as well as getting your daily dosage of game playing you'll also get an energetic workout as well.

Parents will probably be queuing to get their hands on one of these for their over-lethargic children, which could potentially be a breakthrough for the gaming industry (they hope.)

Clear your eco-conscious with Greenbook

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If you're going to spend all day networking *insert silly inverted commas fingers here* on Facebook, how about doing some good. Unless you're powering both your computer and the Facebook servers with pedal power, you're guilty of sucking up previous electricity. Luckily, now you can sign up to Greenbook, which goes some way to alleviate the problem.

solo.jpgThis is a more elegant addition to the ever growing list of solar powered gadgets. As you can probably tell, it's a table. But you'd never guess what it does, and that's what we like about it.

It's designed to take in all that sunny energy (not so good for the UK then) and turn it into stored power, so you can charge your gadgets when they need refuelling. It's also weatherproof, so if you can't be bothered to cart it back and forth due to the sporadic English weather, it's fine to leave it outside.

Is Spring inspiring you to be grand and designer-y? Yay! You're in luck! Grand Designs Live London will be kicking off at the Excel Centre on Saturday 3rd May for nine whole days and we've teamed up with Geek Squad, the official tech support, to give you the chance to win free tickets. We have five pairs of tickets to give away, which can be used at any time during the show (including weekends) which runs from 3rd - 11th May.

Find out how to win over the jump.

solio.jpgmiley.jpgEarth Day seems to be having a rippling effect. The celebs are out (again) promoting some sort of gadget. This time it's the younger end of the Hollywood scale and they've gone all green. No not from the sick feeling they get each time they take a glance at how much money they make - or is that just me then? They've gone environmentally friendly for teen mag KEWL.

One of the gadgets they've been pluggin' is the Solio cell phone charger. God forbid that you still charge your mobile via an electrical socket (vile beings) or through that ghastly hole, also known as a USB port!! You need to get with the times (more like the latest fashion.) I can totally envision their houses/hotel suites kitted out with the latest solar equipment (yea right).

Want an cheap 8GB iPhone? Ha! Too late


iphone white background.gifWere you mulling over taking Carphone Warehouse and O2 up their offer of the 8GB iPhone for £169? Well, the early bird catches the worm, cheaters never prosper and a rolling stone gathers no moss, it would appear.

Carphone Warehouse are all out, and you're no longer able to order them online from O2. If you fancy trawling the high street, there are a few left there apparently. What's your alternative? Well, Apple still have heaps of 8GB versions left. I suspect that's because they're hawking them for £269 a throw...

Get yours whilst stocks last here.

Get a blow by clow account of the iPhone stuff here.

skull fmj.jpg

Skullcandy, the connoisseurs of rather fabulous headphones with a unique twist (think fur, glitter and embroidery) have now released some more of their headphones in PINK! Two shades of pink to be precise, fuchsia and magenta. They've joined forces with the designers from La Vie en Rose to bring you a selection of their much loved designs in all shades of the pink rainbow. You can see here the Full Metal Jacket headphones in hot pink, which will retail for £44.99, and the rest of the range has also undergone a makeover. The Lowrider headphones have been prettified in pink, and the Ti range has been given a neon pink makeover! Pink, pink P-I-N-K, pinkkkkkkkkkkkkk! That's all folks.

Check them out at Skullcandy

Like that? See here for more audio goodness.

Jt baby.jpgAhhhh, it's soooo tiny and it's soooo cute. That's about it. This is the very fashionable bright and stylish simple Jt Baby USB Flash Drive.

It's this size for a very good reason. Attach it to your mobile or a set of keys, so it hangs like some sort of charm. All your data and important information can then go wherever you go (if you feel you need to be that close it). Or you could just put it in your bag like ordinary folk.

orange.jpgIn a bid to target all types of businesses, Orange has announced new updates and options for Orange Solo, Venture and Momentum. The aim is to offer more choice and flexibility to all its business customers, whether they're small start-ups or large organisations. This way, customers will be able to choose and tailor their phone use to services that are most relevant to how they run their business.

To reflect the diversity of customer specifications and the way they keep in touch and up-to-date, the range of services across all three plans will include new voice and data and international direct calling options. This way, customers can select the most cost-effective package for their business.


You have to love Japan, and not just for their crazy addiction to Hello Kitty, but for all the other weird and wacky gadgets they produce. They've just given us details of their new massager, the Auto Healther Reiz DZ-270, which sounds ever so pleasant. You lie in its murky womb-like confines, and lower the head rest to cover your eyes. The machine then pummels your whole body, hopefully to a state of bliss, but be warned - any cries will be muffled through the pink hood! The speed and pressure is adjusted depending on which areas need more work, and a built-in sensor registers different areas of tension.


Now this isn't the first wacky fitness gadget we've seen, (anyone remember the oh so great Safetox?) but it is one of the funniest. Entitled the Easy Beautiful Butt Cushion (I'm sure that sounded a lot more lyrical in Japanese) it says it will turn your arse from flabby into fit. Quite how it aims to do this is unclear, as all you have to do is sit on the vibrating seat, but I'm guessing any results will stem from the massaging action it gives your posterior.

There are a lot of girls at Shiny Towers. Like, A Lot. The poor boys, they do tend to get picked on, and made to comment on things they probably would be more comfortable not talking about. Prime example: our very own Zara getting together with Brandish's Iso, forcing Stuart to wear men's make up. All in the name of Kiss & Make-Up. I can *not* believe they got him to do this.

As it was National Secretaries Day this week (23rd), we've decided to pay homage to this appreciation/celebration of administrative duties carried out by secretaries worldwide (even though we're a day late). Take a look at our top ten list of office gadgetry, great for practicality, convenience and general all round silliness. All in the name of this unofficial holiday.

Mouse.jpg1. Vacuum Cleaner USB mouse
Fed up of those old McVities crumbs getting stuck to your hand as you're typing away? This desktop vacuum cleaner will suck those pesky crumbs right up. It will also clean all the gook that congregates between your keys and behind your monitor. Saying that, this is a reminder that I am in desperate need of one of these!


PlayStation has teamed up with Sky to create a new video-on-demand download service called Go!View. Go and view...get it? It's designed to allow users to create TV schedules for their PSPs, completely tailored to suit their individual needs and tastes.

You'll be able to choose from a wide range of stuff including comedy, entertainment, sport and movies, which you download from your PC and watch wherever and whenever takes your fancy. You can do this either via a subscription or pay-per-view basis.

Gossip Girl: Blogs on TV - good or bad?

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C'mon admit it, you love Gossip Girl. You like the feisty bad girl with a heart, you long for Blair's fashion sense and you drool over Nate when he's on screen. And then of course there's the intriguing blogger who opens the show, 'Who am I? That's one secret you'll never know. XOXO Gossip Girl!'

Now gossip blogs are not a new thing with the internet virtually saturated with people willing to spill all about celebs, from ones that have become a name in themselves , such as Perez Hilton, to smaller but still successful sites such as Star Trip and D-Listed. But how does the internet world translate to TV? Will it encourage more people to start revealing secrets about their friends, or does it make blogging seem far more glamorous than it is? And just who is the archetypal Gossip Girl?

Shiny Review: Motorola U9

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Kat has been checking out the U9 from Motorola, which is all round-y, and purple-y and OLED screen-y. It's also firmly aimed at those with breasts. You can pick one up for about £80 on PAYG here.

More phones you say? OK.

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