Super Mario corset goes beyond geek chic, needs whole new term…

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nintendo_corset.jpg… or maybe “fugly” would do it. And yet I really like it! I mean, not that I’d wear it, but I have nothing but fondness and respect for anyone who would go to this much trouble to unite goth and geek style.

With such attention to detail, too, with great choices of fabric and a neat, elegant finish. I think it’s the addition of the ra-ra skirt that made it all a bit too much for me, to be honest. But if you wanted to come up with a new term for stuff that takes geek chic to the limit, what would it be? Answers on a postcard (or in the comments, that works too).

The Super Mario Brothers Nintendo 80s Corset can be snapped up from Etsy for just under $100 (£50) if you’re quick off the mark.

[via technabob]

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By Staff Writer | March 13th, 2008

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