Shiny Preview: Samsung YP-S2 pebble MP3 players

Susi Weaser Tech 6 Comments

Zara takes a look at the new and also somewhat pretty MP3 players announced by Samsung last night. Did someone say Zen Stone? And she’s got a lovely scarf on.


By Susi Weaser | March 12th, 2008

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  • Jim

    It looks very nice. I wish I had one for my girl. It seems more like a gift and it would be also good to use it as a necklace.

  • steve. k

    It looks like a shell in metalic style(that is gold,white, Pink, green colored)
    I think it will be a hit for teenagers.
    It will be a good competitors for shuttles on the market.

  • Smith

    Nice try! It is cute.

  • Bob J

    I like it’s stylish design and it looks like a shiny pebble stone.
    It is small enough to be a necklace.
    On the contrary, 1GB memory is somewhat small.
    I hope to see it in the market soon.

  • Mikey

    It is cute

  • tanveer patel

    i have bought one off ebay and i love it…i have an ipod classic aswell which is quite big in my pocket so its cute and portable and will always fit in your pocket…it was a good buy and i got the 4gb.