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Rasta headphones - perfect for jammin' (into the nearest waste disposal)

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These are the perfect headphones for the Notting Hill Carnival! And for Jamaican-themed parties! Or when you wish to let people know that you accept Haile Selassie I, the former Emperor of Ethiopia, as God incarnate, called Jah or Jah Rastafari! Apparently.

Yes, these headphones are perfect for "expressing your inner Rasta" according to the press release.

The blingtastic Ti cans are £54.99, the leather GIs are £47.99 and the positively subtle Smokin' buds are a mere snip at £19.99.

You can get hold of them here.

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  • AdamG

    No matter your intention for launching such a brand style, there absolutely stands greedy man of Babylon seeking the money energy of the Rastaman and woman. Please think without being influenced. Do not waste your resources on such a superficial product.

    Rick Penny, you brother are above greed. It is your time to rise up! Stop the madness!

  • Dear Shiny

    We are a product development company that has recently launched a new line of audio amd cell phone accessories. Our cases are made of 100% hemp and feature the Bob Marley license. In addition, we have a line of headphones under the HIGH FIDELITY brand (emphasis on HIGH).

    These products are new, cool and unique to this mature category. I hope you will take a look. I can provide you with any info you need.


    Rick Penney

  • gabriel

    im brazilian,in brazil have for to buy?

  • smirkz

    why are you trying to disrespect rasta?

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