Pick up free nails inc polish with the new Samsung G600 Belle

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G600_BELLE_Front_Open_RGB.jpgThe G600 Belle is finding its way exclusively to Phones 4 U (hand gestures optional) stores, and to hammer the colourful point home further nails inc is in on the act giving away three nail varnishes with each purchase.

One of the three shades will be an exclusive Samsung hue known as Belle (you’re shocked, right?). So “not only will your phone look amazing but it will also colour co-ordinate spectacularly with your nails”.

Damn! I knew there was some crucial element that was missing from my BlackBerry. I must get black nail varnish immediately – or a different coloured BlackBerry.

Samsung is also stretching the definition of “first” more than a Perez Hilton commenter with a proud press release claiming the first 5 megapixel camera phone in the UK… to be available in burgundy. Technically true, but a bit laboured.

If the tweeness hasn’t put you off (or has actively encouraged you) so far, you might also want a reminder that the G600 packs a 2.2″ LCD 16 million colour screen, improved Internet browsing and, of course, the 5 megapixel camera in a 14.9mm thin frame.

It will be available from April 1st; be warned it’s going to feature in a huge ad campaign, so you won’t be able to miss it.


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By Staff Writer | March 20th, 2008

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