Crocs move into mobile phone accessories

Susi Weaser Tech 3 Comments

croc mobile holder.jpg
Crocs – the bastard child of Dutch clogs and plastic jelly shoes, but my god are they comfy (not that I’ve ever actually worn them out of the house).

Much like the shoes themselves, the manufacturers are boasting substance over style with their mobile phone holder. Which is a relief, because they could hardly argue otherwise. The ‘heel strap’ is designed to keep your mobile safe and secure, the raised inside surface will protect the screen and the fact that the case is ‘Jibbitz charm ready’ means that people will be laughing so hard they won’t notice that your phone is over 18 months old.

The cases will cost £6.95, which I believe is the going rate for dignity.


By Susi Weaser | March 3rd, 2008

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  • kay

    so cuuutttee ! you should also wear your crocs outside the house!

  • Kjiga

    I saw someone with one of these in Ocean Terminal, Edinburgh outside the crocs shop (Fatshoesday). They were coooooool!!

  • Merry

    It’s a good use…..