Batphone ear extenders make music beautiful again


Maybe you can’t afford really high end speakers, or perhaps you just want to make the most of the money you spent. It’s possible your hearing isn’t what it was or just that you really like looking like Mickey Mouse. Whatever your reasons, you might just like looking ridiculous turning the volume up with Batphones.

The cupped prosthetic ears clip on as easy as a pair of headphones or an Alice-style hairband, magnifying the sound. Designer Matthias Ries didn’t intend them to replace traditional hearing aids, but as a handy help for those with very minor hearing difficulties. The design is a made from a single piece of injection moulded plastic although as far as I can work out it’s only a prototype. We should probably be grateful for that.

[via Yanko Design]

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Staff WriterBatphone ear extenders make music beautiful again
  • rudy

    Where can I get a pair of Batphones?

  • gladImold8

    Make them yourself! This world is too stupid today for simple devices, no money in it.