Uno Momento, while I have a cup of coffee please?

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Coffee is good stuff isn’t it? It nestles darkly in a cup, staining our teeth and giving us the caffeine hit we need to keep going. But getting the perfect cuppa isn’t always so easy, and unless you’re willing to shell out daily for Starbucks you really should invest in a coffee maker, which will provide you with the choicest blends and the best Java flavour you can get. And in keeping with the century we’re in the humble cup has now turned digital. The Momento Machine is about as top end as you can get, with its built in ceramic grinder, and integral brewing machine which calculates the correct amount of beans needed to make that perfect cuppa. It then adjusts the water and milk levels to provide you with the ultimate in cream tipped coffee, with the beans ground just right to create an intensive flavour.

And don’t worry about maintaining this baby, as the digital display will let you know when it the tray needs emptying or descaling. You can get approx 6000 cups out of it before you even need to look at its DIY maintenance cycle. So that’s ooh, £18,000 in Starbucks or £599 on the Momento. Elementary my dears.

£599.99 from Momento Coffee

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By Zara Rabinowicz | February 13th, 2008

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