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Linx B-TUBE LITE portable stereo speakers with big shouty capitals

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linx-btube-stereo.jpgI seem to be hearing a lot about half term skiing holidays recently, which probably explains why Linx is announcing its B-TUBE LITE around now. It's a budget-friendly speaker tube designed to be taken on just such holidays and anywhere else you might want some musical entertainment (hint: not the Tube, despite its name).

The £30 player is around the size of a can of that wing-sprouting energy drink and can be hooked up to all iPods, MP3 and media players, mobile phones, CD/DVD players, smartphones and PCs / laptops or anything else with a standard 3.5mm audio input jack. Linx boasts around 6 hours of playtime, and connectors for Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Mini USB and 2.5mm to 3.5mm are included so you can (mostly) get started straight out of the box. If you prefer a Bluetooth version, one is available for £50; both should be found on Amazon.

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