The iLift Hydro test monitors your moisture levels.. or does it?

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Over on Kiss and Makeup I’ve been testing all sorts of beauty gadgetry and thought I’d share this one with you, the ilift Hydrotest. We all know that it’s good to keep our skin moisturized, as not only does it make it feel nice and smooth, it also prevents the onset of ageing by minimizing lines. Well, other than drinking copious amounts of water and slathering on lotions there’s been no real way to test how effective your regime is.. till now. The ilift Hydro test lets you assess the amount of moisture in a any area of skin. It sounds promising.. but is it as good as it says?

Well first off, I’m not sure quite how accurate it is. It’s a really small handheld device, with a sensor head , a digital display and one button, and you basically press it once, apply it to your skin till it beeps and then look at the reading which will be displayed as a percentage. I consider myself in pretty reasonable nick and yet my cheeks cam out as 38%, whilst no matter where my colleague placed this on her face it stayed a stubborn 24%.

The next issue I have with this device is Step two. Were this a tool in a salon a beautician could assess the data taken and use this to calculate a programme or treatment for improved moisture, but using this at home you’re pretty much left to get on with it yourself. With this kind of low score, I’d think,’Oh maybe I should moisturise more’, and then go, ‘Hang on! I use a day cream, a night cream, and an eye cream- what more can I do?'”>

And my third complaint? The price. £24.99 for something that is potentially inaccurate, unhelpful and useless to any non professional. Ah well, it was a nice idea. Add a helpful step two manual, info on the accuracy and some sort of skin assessment and I might be prepared to look at this again. Till then, thumbs down, save your money for something more exciting.

£24.99 from ilift

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By Zara Rabinowicz | February 6th, 2008

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