Thank god! The BooM China vase/iPod speaker mash-up has arrived!

Susi Weaser Tech

We can only be days away from wine glasses with 8 megapixel cameras embedded and cuddly toys with in-built mobile phones. How do I know? Well, today we’ve managed to tick off the much longed for iPod speaker/vase creation.

The vase is actually a 25 watt subwoofer to add depth to the 2.1 speakers. As well as an iPod dock for all current models, there’s a standard input jack, and USB input and SD card slot. The vase is designed by a traditional Chinese printer, who is apparently out to remind people that “Chinese art is the ‘new red’”.

I have so many questions.

£179.99 from URBoom

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By Susi Weaser | January 16th, 2008

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