Say it with heart-shaped tech and flowers: a mouse for Valentine's Day

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valentines_mouse-thumb.jpgI keep coming across all this nauseatingly couply stuff and since I am part of a nauseating couple i feel somehow duty bound to spread it all around. Please don’t hate me. I’m a good person, even if I DO like Macs.

This heart-shaped mouse… erm. Well, that’s it. No bells, whistles or other exciting elements to it. It’s just heart-shaped. And a mouse. If you like to be a little less predictable there are goldfish and ladybird versions too. Isn’t it nice to see Valentine’s geek love available to all? Ahhhh. *wretch*. £25.

Heart Mouse @ V&A Shop [via Tech Digest]

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By Staff Writer | January 24th, 2008

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  • aphotog

    Maybe a little tooo cute for valentine’s day. it seems that would be the only day i would actually pull it out, waste of funds. though if you’re a teacher i’m sure kids would love it

  • Xee

    I would love to have that mouse! It sure is too late for Valentine’s, but I’d have that any day. Even for Christmas!