Get toasty with JVC's Marshmallow headphones


JVC have always been one to watch in the headphone department as they provide affordable good quality products for the average consumer, who if not quite an audiophile still appreciates getting better sound than the rubbish headphones that come free with MP3 players. Their Gumy range is the best selling budget headphone in the UK and now they have released their Marshmallow series in seven pastel shades, and wouldn’t you know it, they’re the same colors as all the latest iPods, so you can match (or mix) to your hearts content.

They have a gold plated iPhone compatible plug and include 2 sizes of headphones, so you should find your perfect fit. The cord is 1 metre long to avoid tangles and also works as a noise reduction cord. At under £20 they’re a great option for anyone wanting to make more out of their tunes, and as they’ll be released in February they’d make a great Valentine’s gift too.


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Zara RabinowiczGet toasty with JVC's Marshmallow headphones