Gelicity bath. OMG. WTF?

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WARNING: This isn’t a gadget. But I just HAD to write about it, for the pure OMG, what were they thinking?-ness of it.

This is powder that you add to your bath, which turns all that lovely hot water into gloop. According to the makers, this has the advantage of being infused with lavender, jasmine and bergomot, and the gel holds heat for three times longer than boring old bath water. As an added bonus, the gel is so thick that if you want to get out and pull the plug, you have to add a dissolver to turn it back to water. God knows what you have to add to your hair to get it looking less swamp-monstery…

If you feel your bath times are missing an essential Double Chemistry Lesson element, this is the purchase for you.

Product page: £9.95 from Firebox

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By Susi Weaser | January 17th, 2008

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  • Susan

    Odd, they market the same thing, but it’s called Gellibaff, on the children’s cable channels here in the UK as some sort of fun bathtime experience for children (minus the smells).

  • Jen

    Weird, but so totally cool! It must be an unique sensation being immersed in gel. Hm, sounds like the Matrix.

  • http://772186 chris

    yeah i’ve seen it advertised in kids’ magazines in the UK under the Gellibaff name. not quite sure how the de-glooping thing works. And why on earth would adults be interested in being glooped in the first place?

  • Lo

    I’m not “interested in being glooped,” but the longer heat retention definitely appeals to me. I like to read in the bath sometimes, and the water gets cold so fast in winter!

    I feel like a traitor repeatedly draining water out of the tub and topping it off with hot (because I’m usually such a hippie about not wasting things).

    Plus, I like purple things. And chemistry!

  • mairaid

    If only it was pink…. it’d be so ghostbusters !!!

  • Bathtime

    Try Gelicity TRIPLE-strength.
    Now THAT really is an experience!!!!