The Dali Watch is typically surreal

Zara Rabinowicz Tech 5 Comments


I’ve been a Dali fan for as long as I can remember , rejoicing in his vivid paintings and strange statues. Whether it’s his fabulous Swans reflecting elephants (my favourite), or his curious lobster telephone, there’s no denying the man was a genius. I love how he melds different textures and canvases together to create something otherworldly, and like how his twisted sense of humour is represented in the Dali watch. He looks so puzzled in this pic and I love how the hand/moustache just flies about haphazardly, Dalissime!

$34.95 from Unemployed Philospher [ via Fashionably Geek]

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By Zara Rabinowicz | December 21st, 2007

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  • webrunner

    uber Cool!
    But does Dali have to keep staring at me like some crazy ex-boyfriend?

  • Mack

    Nice :)

  • Qball

    looks good

  • jimmy choos

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