Splinter: Wooden supercar (not Ninja-guiding rat thing)

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Far be it from me to deny myself the opportunity to write about a supercar, especially such an unusual – and beautiful – one. “Splinter”, as the car is known, is being created by a team of graduate students wanting to experiment with the use of wood in vehicle construction and “explore materials, learn, share ideas and stimulate creativity.”.

It’s not just Splinter’s exterior that’s been given the varnished treatment. There are wooden components in the suspension and chassis; all this built around a 600-hp V8 engine. Of course weight is a huge issue since the team has had to construct wooden wheels to support a 2,500 lb body, and they’ve used layers of oak veneer to do so. The inflammable nature of the material is another, which the team has countered by moving the exhaust so that it vents over the top of the engine and shifting the muffler into the rear wing.

Joe Harmon Design [via Gizmodo]

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By Staff Writer | December 18th, 2007

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