Christmas gift for… your sister's boyfriend

Susi Weaser Tech

Giftee: He’s not your boyfriend. He’s your sister’s, but somehow he’s going to be gathered round *your* family tree, adding another barrier to unwrapping all *your* presents. Still, in the spirit of Christmas (and the spirit of mutual gift giving) you’re going to have to get him something. And it can’t be too personal, for fear of out shining your sister, natch.

Best site: Mankind. It’s chock full of cosmetics for… yep, men. Because as much as they pretend that their body functions to such a perfect degree that there’s no need to add moisturiser, cleansers or anything remotely cosmeticy, that’s not the case. And this site knows that.

Best Product: The Anthony Logistics Body Kit has everything he’ll ever need to recapture the skin of his youth. And not only will he be thrilled, your sister’s bound to thank you (although you don’t want to be thinking about that… urgh…. gross….yuck).

:Diesel Sweeties do a lovely line in pixel socks. Yes, they’re socks, but at least they’re cool socks.

For more man-goodies, check out our fab boysite, Brandish.

By Susi Weaser | December 6th, 2007

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