Alexander Amosu goes to town on the Diamond MOTOPURE H12 headset

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motorola%20bluetooth%20headset%20bling%20amosu.jpgProfessional blingmeister Alexander Amosu has teamed up with Motorola to produce the first gold and diamond Bluetooth headset – the Diamond MOTOPURE H12.

It’s extremely limited edition, with just 100 being made, but then there are extremely limited numbers of people who can afford to splash out £4,000 (half loaded) or £6,250 (fully loaded) on a Bluetooth headset. Of those I’d imagine there are even fewer who’d want to. Even if you can choose between white, pink and even black diamonds on a yellow or white gold setting. Selfridges in London and Manchester will be stocking the device from mid-December, as will Harvey Nicks in London. In a nod to techies, Motorola has also made this the first headset it’s released with CrystalTalk noise-reducing technology built in.


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By Staff Writer | December 11th, 2007

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