Wednesday Tech Tip: Use the internet to never read a rubbish book again

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books.jpg recommends music to you. If you’re in the US, TiVo will sort out the Friends-repeat wheat from the Heroes chaff. But what about books? Well, the internet is your friend, and in particular What Should I Read Next? is your bestest bud. It houses a database of over 32,000 books which are filed in such a way as to put like with like. That means you can enter one of your favourite books and receive a list of books that other people with similar tastes enjoyed. In order to refine the search you should enter a list of books you enjoyed and the ones you didn’t, which not only brings more accurate results, but helps to build the database and the accuracy for others.

It’s a give/take, equal partnership, mutual backscratching kind of book love in. And I love it.

Product page: What Should I Read Next? [via LifeHacker]

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By Susi Weaser | November 7th, 2007

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