The Flamingo: strut around in colourful Bluetooth headsets

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I’m still not really over the old Bluetooth headset = Doctor Who cyborg / business folk who want to look busier than they really are thing. But hey, just because I’m living in the past it doesn’t mean you have to. If you like the convenience of a Bluetooth headset but are bored of the bland looks sported by some of them, the Flamingo might be the answer.

Winner of serveral design awards, the compact headsets look more like elongated iPod earbuds (though hopefully have better sound quality). They come in an array of muted pastels and darker, more metallic colours, which you can preview using the interactive colour wheel. You should get eight hours of working life out of them – 180 hours on standby – and there are six sizes of interchangeable EarClick designs for a snug, comfy fit. They retail at approximately $80 (£40).

HappyEar Flamingo

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By Staff Writer | November 30th, 2007

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